What do you call a guy who's got seagulls resting on his head?

Cliff  *lol*

I just had to. I hope it makes you giggle friends! xD
I believe not having rice for dinner is waving sleepy away. Because you know, carbohydrates knock you out snoring.

Sweet Dreams!



Blood - The Middle East // Tuesday Tunes

Hallo Friends!!

Tuesday Tunes is here to bring you two treats. First of all, this song is called Blood. It's a simple song with a simple message. What's Blood to us? I am no interpreter but this song is enough to pave the way to nights of pondering about things in life that we don't normally touch through the day. Specifically, family life. It is a song that's very open to each individual interpretation.

"And you'll find somebody you can blame
And you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea
And you'll find the peace of the Lord."

Second, I introduce to you this YouTuber, Mree and her cover of this song. As I post more tunes, you will realise a pattern to what kind of music I listen to.This is mostly acoustic to folk tunes, soothing. Mree has a soothing voice. Incredibly relaxing to listen to after a full day. I recommend you go check her out. She's releasing an album soon!

Share me a song you're listening to recently? I'm very open to new material! :)



Warm Bodies Review *No spoilers* // Movie Mondays

Hi Friends! Here is a mini review, that is hopefully very easy to read, of the film Warm Bodies starring Nicholas Hoult. *Oh yeahh* Now to my thoughts on it...

Summary:- R (Hoult)  is a cold dead zombie who stumbles upon Julie, a living human, and falls in love with her.

What I liked about the film:-
  • Hoult did a decent job playing the R role and carried the film..
  • It had a love conquers all moral to the story.
  • Had very amusing moments, but not amusing enough to make me chuckle out loud.
  • I liked the "boneys" concept.
  • The pace caught up in the last thirty minutes or so.
  • It made me think about how the story was going to end for a good five minutes because the storyline is just one of the weirdest I've seen yet. Definitely didn't guess the ending to this one, oddly enough! (haven't read the book and will not ever)
What I did not like about the film:-

  • I thought the concept was way off. It just didn't make sense to me. 
  • Preferably films should keep zombies, zombies, meaning man eaters and brain eaters. 
  • The love story was very shallow. Because of what R did, the relationship shouldn't even have happened.
  • This was a slow starter. I usually know this is the case when I put the film on and I start browsing other pages and not paying attention to it. It wasn't grabbing enough! Not even Nicholas Hoult's eyes!
  • Story development was minimal.  It was the usual infection, survival of the fittest 'meh' of this genre. 
Should you watch it?
Sure, if you have time to kill and you have absolutely no other choice. Will I pick this over Dumb and Dumber? I would, any day. That film annoys me, just the title.... Anyway, this is a one time watch. Nowhere near Shaun of the Dead standard. If you're curious enough how a love story between a 'corpse', what they call the zombies in the film, and a human then please do. If you can take a bit of the corny concepts and just looking for a quick rom-com, this is also for you. Otherwise, you're probably better off doing the laundry and folding clothes whilst watching the news... Nicholas has other better films.

Have you seen this? If so, I would love to know what you thought of it! :) 


The lead actress is practically Kristen Stewart's long lost twin! Have a secret obsession with Kristen. I love her style. I love her straight face. I love her. Oops, I guess it's not so secret anymore...


FOTD and NOTD // chillaxin

Last week I didn't feel like having any nail polish on, and it's the weirdest thing because I change nail colours every two days! It was a heavy make up experimentation week so I think the creative rush went into the eyes a lot resulting into completely neglecting the nails. Someone tell me I'm not the only one who gets weird swings like this. 

However it has turned around and I'm back to the minimal make up and so this is my take on the no make up make up! And my nails are back into full on bam in your face! *giggle*

When we were in love, if we were // Laura Marling

I absolutely missed being inspired to write posts. I am one who hasn't conquered how to manage exam periods, but now that it is finished, hopefully the mojo will be back! Positivity!

Watch Listen and Tell is coming for another appearance on my blog and I've written a post on a song that you could go check here. But their latest video featured Laura Marling, and the song is called I Was An Eagle.