When we were in love, if we were // Laura Marling

I absolutely missed being inspired to write posts. I am one who hasn't conquered how to manage exam periods, but now that it is finished, hopefully the mojo will be back! Positivity!

Watch Listen and Tell is coming for another appearance on my blog and I've written a post on a song that you could go check here. But their latest video featured Laura Marling, and the song is called I Was An Eagle.

I do not watch music videos. When I'm on YouTube, I would put songs on and happily go about browsing slash getting ready. And this song was so enchanting that not only did I watch it once through but probably about eight times more.

It could either be how Watch Listen and Tell shot this music video, or it could be the music, the lyrics or how Laura just performed it, whatever it is every time it finishes I have my confused face on. Have a listen:
This is definitely my favourite genre. Listening to her album now, Once I Was An Eagle. Hope you enjoy the music and that you discovered good music here!

Adie xx

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