Listen to Tim Atlas right now.

Great News! One of my favourite artists released his first song in his upcoming EP and I am incredibly excited to share. 

His name is Tim Atlas (he used to be Tim Ferguson) and I fell in love with his acoustic covers. When a very skilled guitarist with a very suave voice that has the right amount of rasp can sing lyrics with correct diction, friends we've found ourself a star. Plus his music videos are very well made. I rarely watch music videos because I generally put a song on and listen, and obviously his definitely has heart. Tim is greater than Ben Howard. His music can definitely give me a thousand feels which is always a good sign. Hope you like it!  



Do they really know you?
Know how you're doing?
Heard that you've just reached a milestone in your life?
Or that you're struggling with your head aches or that your cat has stomach problems and you're really worried?
How many times have they let you talk about your problems to them?
Did you notice that they always always just talk about themselves?
When it's time for you to talk, it's suddenly time's up.
You're missing out.