Just do what you gotta do.

I've retyped the start of this post countless times, failing too, without the genius coming to me. All those lines were lousy complaints. It may be the time of day and the current situation but I'm just going to put it this way:-

Just do what you gotta do. 

..And not wait for some "motivation" to come to you and fire you right up. A mentor did point out that motivation is overrated. It's revision time and my head is all the way in the future. One easily forgets to live in the present. *cough me cough* And obviously it's me escaping the now. This happens too regularly because I practically live in my head. This is not advised. 

However, lately I have been making the effort to change my attitude and with results! It caught up to me that most of what I have been experiencing mentally and physically is my own doing, and thus, only I can do something about it. It's all part of the growth and like I always say, "I can only get better." Positivity!!

Just let go.

That's it. 


Listen to Tim Atlas right now.

Great News! One of my favourite artists released his first song in his upcoming EP and I am incredibly excited to share. 

His name is Tim Atlas (he used to be Tim Ferguson) and I fell in love with his acoustic covers. When a very skilled guitarist with a very suave voice that has the right amount of rasp can sing lyrics with correct diction, friends we've found ourself a star. Plus his music videos are very well made. I rarely watch music videos because I generally put a song on and listen, and obviously his definitely has heart. Tim is greater than Ben Howard. His music can definitely give me a thousand feels which is always a good sign. Hope you like it!  



Do they really know you?
Know how you're doing?
Heard that you've just reached a milestone in your life?
Or that you're struggling with your head aches or that your cat has stomach problems and you're really worried?
How many times have they let you talk about your problems to them?
Did you notice that they always always just talk about themselves?
When it's time for you to talk, it's suddenly time's up.
You're missing out.


What do you call a guy who's got seagulls resting on his head?

Cliff  *lol*

I just had to. I hope it makes you giggle friends! xD
I believe not having rice for dinner is waving sleepy away. Because you know, carbohydrates knock you out snoring.

Sweet Dreams!



Blood - The Middle East // Tuesday Tunes

Hallo Friends!!

Tuesday Tunes is here to bring you two treats. First of all, this song is called Blood. It's a simple song with a simple message. What's Blood to us? I am no interpreter but this song is enough to pave the way to nights of pondering about things in life that we don't normally touch through the day. Specifically, family life. It is a song that's very open to each individual interpretation.

"And you'll find somebody you can blame
And you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea
And you'll find the peace of the Lord."

Second, I introduce to you this YouTuber, Mree and her cover of this song. As I post more tunes, you will realise a pattern to what kind of music I listen to.This is mostly acoustic to folk tunes, soothing. Mree has a soothing voice. Incredibly relaxing to listen to after a full day. I recommend you go check her out. She's releasing an album soon!

Share me a song you're listening to recently? I'm very open to new material! :)



Warm Bodies Review *No spoilers* // Movie Mondays

Hi Friends! Here is a mini review, that is hopefully very easy to read, of the film Warm Bodies starring Nicholas Hoult. *Oh yeahh* Now to my thoughts on it...

Summary:- R (Hoult)  is a cold dead zombie who stumbles upon Julie, a living human, and falls in love with her.

What I liked about the film:-
  • Hoult did a decent job playing the R role and carried the film..
  • It had a love conquers all moral to the story.
  • Had very amusing moments, but not amusing enough to make me chuckle out loud.
  • I liked the "boneys" concept.
  • The pace caught up in the last thirty minutes or so.
  • It made me think about how the story was going to end for a good five minutes because the storyline is just one of the weirdest I've seen yet. Definitely didn't guess the ending to this one, oddly enough! (haven't read the book and will not ever)
What I did not like about the film:-

  • I thought the concept was way off. It just didn't make sense to me. 
  • Preferably films should keep zombies, zombies, meaning man eaters and brain eaters. 
  • The love story was very shallow. Because of what R did, the relationship shouldn't even have happened.
  • This was a slow starter. I usually know this is the case when I put the film on and I start browsing other pages and not paying attention to it. It wasn't grabbing enough! Not even Nicholas Hoult's eyes!
  • Story development was minimal.  It was the usual infection, survival of the fittest 'meh' of this genre. 
Should you watch it?
Sure, if you have time to kill and you have absolutely no other choice. Will I pick this over Dumb and Dumber? I would, any day. That film annoys me, just the title.... Anyway, this is a one time watch. Nowhere near Shaun of the Dead standard. If you're curious enough how a love story between a 'corpse', what they call the zombies in the film, and a human then please do. If you can take a bit of the corny concepts and just looking for a quick rom-com, this is also for you. Otherwise, you're probably better off doing the laundry and folding clothes whilst watching the news... Nicholas has other better films.

Have you seen this? If so, I would love to know what you thought of it! :) 


The lead actress is practically Kristen Stewart's long lost twin! Have a secret obsession with Kristen. I love her style. I love her straight face. I love her. Oops, I guess it's not so secret anymore...


FOTD and NOTD // chillaxin

Last week I didn't feel like having any nail polish on, and it's the weirdest thing because I change nail colours every two days! It was a heavy make up experimentation week so I think the creative rush went into the eyes a lot resulting into completely neglecting the nails. Someone tell me I'm not the only one who gets weird swings like this. 

However it has turned around and I'm back to the minimal make up and so this is my take on the no make up make up! And my nails are back into full on bam in your face! *giggle*

When we were in love, if we were // Laura Marling

I absolutely missed being inspired to write posts. I am one who hasn't conquered how to manage exam periods, but now that it is finished, hopefully the mojo will be back! Positivity!

Watch Listen and Tell is coming for another appearance on my blog and I've written a post on a song that you could go check here. But their latest video featured Laura Marling, and the song is called I Was An Eagle.


I Don't Mind // Take a break

You know what I'm thinking about right now as I sip on this hot beverage(hot water with slice of lemon)? Tall pines, long winded roads, blazing sun on my face and the wind against my cheeks, sitting in a car driving round without a clear thought of where I'm supposed to be headed. There seems to be a trend to my posts where I talk about being such a free spirit, I hope you don't mind. Maybe you can join me briefly, fantasising about magical places. It's very easy for me to imagine all this since I live in the city, now especially being in exam season, amidst my line paper pad, notes, multi-coloured stabilo felt liners, my post-it's filled wall and accounting audit lectures. Later in the future, I'm hoping I can visit such a place and live these dreams out.

What is to blame for this daydreaming break from revision is this song, arguably one of my favourite videos on YouTube. A singer/songwriter called Tim Atlas shot a video if I'm not mistaken in Canada and put his song as background. I won't explain more, but you have to listen to it. If I didn't mention it yet it is called I don't mind.
I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 

Please let me know if you're wanting to break free from regular everyday living like me even just for a little while! Anway, after that invite positivity in your day/night/afternoon/morning if you felt like things have been a bit too heavy or stressful. I hope things are/will be good with you. Smile, God loves you! :)

Adie xx


God and I , on the 237 bus.

This is the closest to what I was seeing on the bus. Picture from Google Images
Hi there, how are you today? I'm on the bus as I type this, on my way home from learning all about how to be an ethical accountant, as well as a bit of shopping. I got two pairs of quality black leggings from Zara and a bright orange spring jacket for my brother from Uniqlo. It's a very good day today.

I couldn't wait to type until I got home. As I sit in front of the bus with my £1 multicoloured sunglasses on from Primark, I look towards the sky and I am in such awe at how majestic the clouds and the sun are. The sky is calmly blue and the clouds are so white, light and fluffy, the sun's rays peeking through and it's absolutely amazing to see. My face is warm and the shy leaves finally start to come out and it puts a smile in my heart. I cannot help but think wow, what a beautiful place we live in. We easily just look ahead but rarely look up. I am also not particularly sad but lifting my chin up 120° from my neck has greatly lifted my mood. Who knew a bus journey could be so amazing?

I was praying for an opportunity to tell someone about the gift of life, although it hasn't been exactly answered, he had other plans that he wanted me to do today ie. writing this post. So if you're reading this, it's no coincidence, for reals! :-) He wants you to know that He can be your friend and that He would love to listen and respond. No typing, no talking even, no costs, absolutely free! Pretty awesome, isn't it?
What an awesome creator He is, literally. Awesome.

Look up to the sky guys. He is talking to us, showing Himself to us, if you only look up and see, He will lift you up.  Trust me, it feels amazing. I'm in cloud 9 right now.

Hope you are well. I have to get off the bus now. Laters! Take care :-)

Adie x


A rare London day out! // Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Friday's, Haagen Dasz

London is such a beautiful place especially now that you get to wear less layers. There's more colour and warmth and a lot more visible positivity. My "supadupa" significant other and I decided to adopt a just say yes attitude and went out for the day. It has been fulfilling to appreciate life. We don't do this often so we were probably like baboons being let out of the cage!! oo oo aa aa 


Friends, Cookies, Chinese food // Lovely week

I think it has been such a lovely past week. Last friday I have met up with a few old friends and it was so lovely to just have them around. In a way, not being able to see each other a lot makes you value the little gatherings that you have. Friends are blessings I tell you. They're beautiful. Baked them cookies, cooked instant Korean ramen, went out to get bubble tea and I had my first Taro flavoured one! Yummy. Of course we had to take pictures.
The cookies:
 The silly bear who came late when everyone left:

For today's lunch we had this: Siomai
And a selfie:
First time ever having this drink and it tastes like cereal. It's not my drink. I wouldn't want to drink Weetabix.

And also visited my other half's family which I do not have pictures of. This should be resolved because for the future, I will have my first ever  DSLR! Lovely pictures of loved ones, lovely make up, lovely moments, lovely scenery and lovely anything to come. *squeal* Oh yes, I have been spending money at an alarming rate. However I do think I still have control and still have savings.
Thank you, God for the gift of life.

Adie x


Drugstore madness !!!! MUA, BOURJOIS, SLEEK etc // Nails of the day

Guess what you guys, all this for a grand total of £42.97 
Here is the list:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum £10.99
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder £1.99
Sleek blush by 3 in Lace £9.99
MUA Cream Blush x2 for £2 each
MUA Primer £4
MUA lipsticks x6 £1 each
MUA nail polishes x5 £1 each 

Now this is the baby pink shade called Natural days. It's the second one from the left in the top picture. I never thought I would like really light nail polish, but guess what, I've surprised myself yet again.

It's a very weird thing that's happening. I was very sceptical about make up before but I'm a budding make up hoarder these days. It helps that I don't earn as much as I'd want because as I'm starting to realise, it's a very expensive hobby. However right now, I am enjoying budding into a new lady. Yay!


Adie x

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Notting Hill // VALENTINA Authentic Italian // Anniversary

And this is how we celebrated my mum and dad's wedding anniversary!
Earls Court


The best tiramisu of my life.. so far.
Sometimes you just don't need words. <3

Adie x

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Blessed Sunday // Home made treat

Let's start with this, I was looking for my phone just now, stood up rummaged through my bag, looked under my duvet, on top of drawers and found nothing. Surprise surprise, it was just right in front of me! aya yai and by the way this is a very faith-y post with pictures of home made afternoon treats
Must add description: soft, chewy, cinnamony, sugary niceness

I was back in church today after being absent last week because of my persistent cough. Naughty naughty virus. Our former pastor preached today and talked about Paul and his conversion, lovely miraculous story, and how his story is all about that pivotal point that believers often have. It got me thinking and remembering some things.


Spring Haul // Primark, New Look, Tiger

You know when you get paid and you go out and just spend almost half of it all in one go? Well, that's what happened here! lol aya yai!

Tins from Tiger £1 each
Place mats from Tiger £1 each
Hmm, I seem to have a colour scheme. So colourful!


Drugstore Haul : Boots

3 for 2 in Boots, Yes please! I will probably go back and get some more. :3
Revlon Lip Butters, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain


I would love these, please..

Itching to buy make up...NOTHING NEW HERE FOLKS. But I have been watching Make up artist Lisa Eldrige, reading Estee's blog (essiebutton) and I'm starting to believe that I have dry skin. No, I didn't just figure that out by just watching those videos. I have that problem where I put foundation on and it doesn't stay and worse, it sort of..gathers in just that dry spot, and looks flakey and NONE OF THAT! So, things I am wanting..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Sleek trio blush palette in Lace!

Real Techniques Core Collection

and hmm.. I should probably take pictures of my haul. I've not taken them out of their bags yet. I have found good bargains again. Yay!

I'm so thirsty.

Does anyone know of very good moisturisers for Dry Skin?

I'm sort of beginning to formulate a structured skin care routine. My, never thought I would say that! lol

EEEEEEyyydi x

ps to future Adie, you must write a post about Films everyone need to see or my favourite films or Shameless USA or everything else that's in your brain. k bai

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Watch Listen and Tell

I watched, I listened, TIME TO TELL! they were filming in Alexandra Palace I can only imagine how cold they must've been.

I love the harmonica notes..

Half Moon Run playing Unofferable

I don't know about you guys but I like these sort of songs to just chill with. I discovered lots of artists through this YouTube channel. If I'm not mistaken, I heard Daughter through this channel. Here is a sample song.

Hope you have a chill Easter Sunday! :)


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The First Time

Ah! So I just watched this film called, The First Time. I am in bed and very ill. It's having to do with a very hands on job. It's sort of an in your face things with lots of high fives etc. I won't gross you out with the germs just spreading rapidly around in the air, in the centre. Sorry.

Anyway so it's this,
It was a really really chill film that I would happily watch again. It is your high school drama but with less cheese than usual. Flipped is a similar film. Click on it and discover a gem. I swear to you guys, Flipped is 9/10 in my books.

 Ah I'm rambling! No sense and structure. Hang on a second..


Face of the day // 27th March

This was me on a wednesday just wanted to share. It wasn't so cold that day and I was really pleased with that.
This way of tucking hair into scarf works a treat because hair isnt flying everywhere. You will.know what I am talking about if you live in England.
My everyday make up consists of:
Maybelline Fit Me in 210 // only foundation I found that matched my skin perfectly!
Maybelline Falsies mascara // best mascara for me in my opinion because my lashes stay soft even with mascara on
MUA bronzer // Bomb diggity only £3
Stila lip glaze in sugar plum // I LOVE THIS.
(Collection lasting perfection concealer sometimes)
Pretty simple! :)
Whats your favourite lip product? Any normal day regulars? Im very open to suggestions here. Looking for good lip glosses.
Thank you!!
Adie x


Something to make you giggle // ER LOL

Courtesy of the web, this is not mine.. This did make me smile. Hope it makes you, too :)

SCHOOL: 2 + 2 = 4 HOMEWORK: 2 + 4 + 2 = 8
 EXAM: Juan has 4 apples, his train is 7 minutes early, calculate the suns mas

I totally went "ER LOL" saying LOL out loud as opposed to actually laughing out loud. haha Good night, world!!

Adie xx

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This sorrowful life // The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15

Afternoon to you guys!

It was too late last night when I finished the latest episode of the Walking Dead, nevertheless I still have some sort of deep emotional hangover.. If you don't follow this series it's probably best to stop at this point as this post might contain spoilers.


Sunday Dinner // Home made Italian

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to share how BOMB DIGGITY dinner was last night. This is by far my favourite type of eats. Simple dishes. Great taste.

We had a starter of that creamy mozzarella and large vine tomatoes with olive oil.. That salt and pepper on top..bomb  
Those tomatoes were so sweet
For the main, we had some pasta with tasty shrimps, spanish chorizo, fresh parsley and olive oil.  

It was so simple and damn gorgeous.

What did you have for dinner last night? I'd love to know! Happy Eating!!!
Hope you guys enjoy tonight despite the biting chilly weather. (for UK people :( )

Adie x

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Nails of the day! Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty Nail Polishes

If I am not mistaken, Miss Sporty is a UK brand and can be found in our local drugstores, namely Superdrug and Boots, and I cannot rave them about them enough..I repeat, I CANNOT RAVE ABOUT THEM ENOUGH. 

For someone like me who changes nail colour almost every 2 days, just because for the days that I do work I can only have neutrals on so the days I don't work I go a bit mad, I need a lot of nail polish for a small amount of money.

Let me show you: This is one coat, without top coat. PIGMENTED
Price: £1.99 BUT they usually do 2 for £3 BOMB DIGGITY

Thank you for reading :) 

Lovely Jovely,

Adie x


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Bargain Beauty # 1 LACURA

Afternoonoo guys! hehe

Another grey day in lovely England, after a morning shopping with the momma, I obviously brought home some goodies. aya yai! YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE!

TOTAL PRICE : £ 5.27

LACURA Beauty Eyebrow Pencil £ 1.99 (awmagosh)
LACURA Renew Q10 Eye Cream £ 2.49

Now, LACURA Beauty products are sold at this local supermarket in England called ALDI. You know, it's a shop everyone passes by because it's the, what do you call it, it's one of the smaller/inferior supermarkets here.

I have only good things so far to say about their products since I bought my first ever lipstick from them for around £ 2.00 maybe? Pigmented, high quality and inexpensive. I think this is because it's overseas, something about no tax.

1.) Eye cream - 
comes with a pump which is unusual for an eye cream. This is my second eye cream from them and if you're a cheapskate like me who just wants to prevent eye wrinkles, then this beaut right here is for you! It does moisture. - Main point  It's not high end

2.) Carino Hairspray - 
Believe it or not this is my first every hairspray purchase! Since I have been putting my hair in a bun to have waves, with thin fine hair like mine, sure it's soft and nice and dead straight, BUT IT WON'T CURL. *sob* But hurray, I'll see how this baybeh goes.

3.) Eyebrow Pencil -
I HAVE A PAIR OF BARELY THERE EYEBROWS OKAY. *SOB* OH WELLS :) Hence the need. Man, what is there to say, it is cheap that's why I bought it. Simplez. Working student, you know what I'm sayin?

So yeah, morning shopping right there! GO ALDI IT'S WORTH IT GUUUYYYZZ

Guurl if you reached this far, THANK YOU : D

Adie xx

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