Watch Listen and Tell

I watched, I listened, TIME TO TELL! they were filming in Alexandra Palace I can only imagine how cold they must've been.

I love the harmonica notes..

Half Moon Run playing Unofferable

I don't know about you guys but I like these sort of songs to just chill with. I discovered lots of artists through this YouTube channel. If I'm not mistaken, I heard Daughter through this channel. Here is a sample song.

Hope you have a chill Easter Sunday! :)


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The First Time

Ah! So I just watched this film called, The First Time. I am in bed and very ill. It's having to do with a very hands on job. It's sort of an in your face things with lots of high fives etc. I won't gross you out with the germs just spreading rapidly around in the air, in the centre. Sorry.

Anyway so it's this,
It was a really really chill film that I would happily watch again. It is your high school drama but with less cheese than usual. Flipped is a similar film. Click on it and discover a gem. I swear to you guys, Flipped is 9/10 in my books.

 Ah I'm rambling! No sense and structure. Hang on a second..


Face of the day // 27th March

This was me on a wednesday just wanted to share. It wasn't so cold that day and I was really pleased with that.
This way of tucking hair into scarf works a treat because hair isnt flying everywhere. You will.know what I am talking about if you live in England.
My everyday make up consists of:
Maybelline Fit Me in 210 // only foundation I found that matched my skin perfectly!
Maybelline Falsies mascara // best mascara for me in my opinion because my lashes stay soft even with mascara on
MUA bronzer // Bomb diggity only £3
Stila lip glaze in sugar plum // I LOVE THIS.
(Collection lasting perfection concealer sometimes)
Pretty simple! :)
Whats your favourite lip product? Any normal day regulars? Im very open to suggestions here. Looking for good lip glosses.
Thank you!!
Adie x


Something to make you giggle // ER LOL

Courtesy of the web, this is not mine.. This did make me smile. Hope it makes you, too :)

SCHOOL: 2 + 2 = 4 HOMEWORK: 2 + 4 + 2 = 8
 EXAM: Juan has 4 apples, his train is 7 minutes early, calculate the suns mas

I totally went "ER LOL" saying LOL out loud as opposed to actually laughing out loud. haha Good night, world!!

Adie xx

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This sorrowful life // The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15

Afternoon to you guys!

It was too late last night when I finished the latest episode of the Walking Dead, nevertheless I still have some sort of deep emotional hangover.. If you don't follow this series it's probably best to stop at this point as this post might contain spoilers.


Sunday Dinner // Home made Italian

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to share how BOMB DIGGITY dinner was last night. This is by far my favourite type of eats. Simple dishes. Great taste.

We had a starter of that creamy mozzarella and large vine tomatoes with olive oil.. That salt and pepper on top..bomb  
Those tomatoes were so sweet
For the main, we had some pasta with tasty shrimps, spanish chorizo, fresh parsley and olive oil.  

It was so simple and damn gorgeous.

What did you have for dinner last night? I'd love to know! Happy Eating!!!
Hope you guys enjoy tonight despite the biting chilly weather. (for UK people :( )

Adie x

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Nails of the day! Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty Nail Polishes

If I am not mistaken, Miss Sporty is a UK brand and can be found in our local drugstores, namely Superdrug and Boots, and I cannot rave them about them enough..I repeat, I CANNOT RAVE ABOUT THEM ENOUGH. 

For someone like me who changes nail colour almost every 2 days, just because for the days that I do work I can only have neutrals on so the days I don't work I go a bit mad, I need a lot of nail polish for a small amount of money.

Let me show you: This is one coat, without top coat. PIGMENTED
Price: £1.99 BUT they usually do 2 for £3 BOMB DIGGITY

Thank you for reading :) 

Lovely Jovely,

Adie x


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Bargain Beauty # 1 LACURA

Afternoonoo guys! hehe

Another grey day in lovely England, after a morning shopping with the momma, I obviously brought home some goodies. aya yai! YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE!

TOTAL PRICE : £ 5.27

LACURA Beauty Eyebrow Pencil £ 1.99 (awmagosh)
LACURA Renew Q10 Eye Cream £ 2.49

Now, LACURA Beauty products are sold at this local supermarket in England called ALDI. You know, it's a shop everyone passes by because it's the, what do you call it, it's one of the smaller/inferior supermarkets here.

I have only good things so far to say about their products since I bought my first ever lipstick from them for around £ 2.00 maybe? Pigmented, high quality and inexpensive. I think this is because it's overseas, something about no tax.

1.) Eye cream - 
comes with a pump which is unusual for an eye cream. This is my second eye cream from them and if you're a cheapskate like me who just wants to prevent eye wrinkles, then this beaut right here is for you! It does moisture. - Main point  It's not high end

2.) Carino Hairspray - 
Believe it or not this is my first every hairspray purchase! Since I have been putting my hair in a bun to have waves, with thin fine hair like mine, sure it's soft and nice and dead straight, BUT IT WON'T CURL. *sob* But hurray, I'll see how this baybeh goes.

3.) Eyebrow Pencil -
I HAVE A PAIR OF BARELY THERE EYEBROWS OKAY. *SOB* OH WELLS :) Hence the need. Man, what is there to say, it is cheap that's why I bought it. Simplez. Working student, you know what I'm sayin?

So yeah, morning shopping right there! GO ALDI IT'S WORTH IT GUUUYYYZZ

Guurl if you reached this far, THANK YOU : D

Adie xx

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Grey's Anatomy, my love

So I'm watching the latest episode right now, season 9 ep 18 and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's stretching it to a full 24 episodes I think. 

Now, I'm getting a bit impatient about the whole story line. It's clearly reaching the end. It makes me sad to think that in a few weeks, it'll be finished. The many times it has made me cry and think about life and loved ones is unbelievable. There was a season I'm not sure whether it was season 4 breaching to season 5 where every episode was just mad! George O' Malley that 007 scene with Mer and Izzy's story and then on top  of that episode when the hospital was on lock down! Unforgettable.

Sloan and Lexie.. I think I'm going to cry 

At the moment I'm itching for drama, but when that time comes, I'll be devastated for sure. This series will be one of those first loves, something that you have followed for a very long time. Love Grey's.

I have cried over this song so much. GA classic.

The Chain - Ingrid Michaelson
Mcsteamy, Addi, 007, Medusa, Nazi, Yang, Izzy, Mcsteamy, Burke, Karev, Chief and Cali.. It's them. the Originals. best times.. Sigh
I'd love it if you left me a comment it would make my day. We can also be friends :)

Adie x

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Beauty Q&A? yes please

Yay Beauty! Drug store mentions, mostly <3
  1. What's your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? I don't always wear eye shadow, but when I do I always try to use a gold one in my inner corners. That trick is magic!
  2. What's the product you wouldn't leave your house without? Something for the lips, Stila lip glaze OR Body Shop lip balms. (they are bomb) (balm..bomb woah haha)
  3. What's your favourite make up look? mascara, pink blush, pinky lip gloss <3
  4. Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? My arms becausee I have inherited big everything. *sob* OH WELL lol
  5. Your favourite make up brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? Oh this is so hard. Collection because of my concealer? But MUA has bomb bronzers and eyeliners! And Sleek, their blushes!
  6. Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? Simple facial moisturiser. The best for my skin. It sinks right away, a drink for your skin, really.
  7. Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? Water proof mascaras! It's so hard to get them off and without fail they take out my lashes. I want to keep what I have left, not like I have a lot to start with already. 
  8. One beauty trick you can share with everyone? A nice neutral pink lip gloss can lift years off of anyone, I swear! It's just so youthful. Tinted lip balm will do.
  9. Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and make up? Drink water, eat healthy and get a damn good concealer and start concealing! Sorry, I'm going through a icantlivewithoutconcealer phase!
Now I am fighting the urge to go Superdrug to go splurge. I cannot as I have pending governance and ethics revision to do.

I'd love it if left a comment and then maybe we can be friends? :)

Adie x

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Bloggin phillipine sleepin thins

As you can tell, this post is utterly useless, Ha!

I beg the spirit of sleep to come grant my wish of rest.

I am thinking about my childhood though. It was full of fun things like catching green grass hoppers and big black ants. Wow, I remember how they all used to jump when you step on the grass and how I tried my best to keep an eye on one. I got good at it.Skillful. Aw yeah!

A lot of rebellious cycling in my loudly pink barbie bicycle that led to cuts and grazes. Oh well.

I miss my dear 'ol Philippines

Adie x


It's hard to be 25, you say? // Girls HBO

Where oh where do I start?

I have this problem where when I feel very strongly about something and have so many things to say about it, that when I'm required to write about the subject, for example in this blog, my mind goes into a mini haywire. I AM BLANK! Frustrating. *composing self*

If you are on the verge of becoming a self sufficient woman, but not quite there yet and you're just trying to hold on to depending on your parents, then this one is for you.

Plot: Four girls in their 20's who go about their lives. 

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

How long til I caught up to latest episode: Three and a half days

If you liked this you might like: Shameless (USA), This is England '83, New Girl


Why does he not come to your rescue when you need him most? I have been dreading being awake at this hour for a good few days now.
Last week, I fell ill. Fevers were so mean to me and did not let me move. The cold gladly bit me from head to toe. The night was long and deep. It called for him, called for him to peace.
Thank God, he heals.
Sleep, come rescue me.


Anna Karenina's Disappointment

Evening Ladies and Gents,

It has taken me a long time to watch this. Anna Karenina is one of those films that gave that "You have to see it" vibe. Long overdue, on my sixth attempt, I finally pushed myself to watch the whole feature. I am afraid that there is very little good to say.
Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson lacked chemistry

New Girl

Afternoon Bloggers,

Wednesdays for me meant a new episode of  New Girl, Cougar Town and Criminal Minds. As it dawned on me that I am somewhat of a TV fanatic, I jumped to the conclusion that I must create a blog!

The title says it, I am the New Girl. I am going to find out if I have valid opinions about everything that I watch.

Should we start with the new episode of New Girl?

This got me in knots, laughing. If you follow the story line, without having to spill a lot, Jess and Nick go to the hardware for some obscene tools. We encounter fish protected under the state of California, too.

The dialogue of this show is obviously unrealistic for everyday people but there is something about it that makes me wish I had friends who spoke the same way, so life wouldn't be so boring!

Nick's Russel Crowe shot
 Despite the generic feel of the show, New York apartment, a communal spot (Nick's bar), tightly knit room mates who have closet feelings towards each other, it still is as fresh and a lot more entertaining, if I might say, compared to other sit-coms.

Zooey Deschannel's portrayal of Jess gives hope. Colourful dresses, goofy glasses, and singing against everyday's battles? She makes it look easy!

I don't know. It's either I am an avid fan of quirky, or this show is just a complete contrast to communal living.

What do you think? It would make me smile if you left a comment.

Adie xo

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