Do they really know you?
Know how you're doing?
Heard that you've just reached a milestone in your life?
Or that you're struggling with your head aches or that your cat has stomach problems and you're really worried?
How many times have they let you talk about your problems to them?
Did you notice that they always always just talk about themselves?
When it's time for you to talk, it's suddenly time's up.
You're missing out.


  1. I hear ya on this one! People tend to be so self-centered but luckily for them, I tend to be a really good listener and will let people talk and talk and talk. I really don't like talking about myself, actually, with anyone unless it's someone I feel comfortable with so I don't feel like I need to dominate a conversation.

    P.S. I hope your cat is okay now & that your headaches have stopped :) xx

    1. Right? It's tricky once you get used to just listening all the time.