I Don't Mind // Take a break

You know what I'm thinking about right now as I sip on this hot beverage(hot water with slice of lemon)? Tall pines, long winded roads, blazing sun on my face and the wind against my cheeks, sitting in a car driving round without a clear thought of where I'm supposed to be headed. There seems to be a trend to my posts where I talk about being such a free spirit, I hope you don't mind. Maybe you can join me briefly, fantasising about magical places. It's very easy for me to imagine all this since I live in the city, now especially being in exam season, amidst my line paper pad, notes, multi-coloured stabilo felt liners, my post-it's filled wall and accounting audit lectures. Later in the future, I'm hoping I can visit such a place and live these dreams out.

What is to blame for this daydreaming break from revision is this song, arguably one of my favourite videos on YouTube. A singer/songwriter called Tim Atlas shot a video if I'm not mistaken in Canada and put his song as background. I won't explain more, but you have to listen to it. If I didn't mention it yet it is called I don't mind.
I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 

Please let me know if you're wanting to break free from regular everyday living like me even just for a little while! Anway, after that invite positivity in your day/night/afternoon/morning if you felt like things have been a bit too heavy or stressful. I hope things are/will be good with you. Smile, God loves you! :)

Adie xx

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  1. I daydream all the time especially know where i'm soon going to do exams. I need breaks or else I panic if I think about exams constantly :)I often think about next year where I want to go to America for 3 months and just travel around!