Just do what you gotta do.

I've retyped the start of this post countless times, failing too, without the genius coming to me. All those lines were lousy complaints. It may be the time of day and the current situation but I'm just going to put it this way:-

Just do what you gotta do. 

..And not wait for some "motivation" to come to you and fire you right up. A mentor did point out that motivation is overrated. It's revision time and my head is all the way in the future. One easily forgets to live in the present. *cough me cough* And obviously it's me escaping the now. This happens too regularly because I practically live in my head. This is not advised. 

However, lately I have been making the effort to change my attitude and with results! It caught up to me that most of what I have been experiencing mentally and physically is my own doing, and thus, only I can do something about it. It's all part of the growth and like I always say, "I can only get better." Positivity!!

Just let go.

That's it. 

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