My Safe Place.

How vivid can a memory be?

I'm sat here amazed. Years ago, on a hot afternoon, I can hear the fan humming and the feel of my hair following the breeze, stroking my face. I lay on the opposite of the bed where my feet would normally go so I can look up out the window. There was not one voice to be heard.

So I did.

This moment is probably the most serene I have ever felt in my life All I saw were leaves dancing with the breeze, the light seeping through. I can't describe the picture in my head, nor the experience enough to give it justice! There was a cluster of leaves that I focused on, rays not directly to my eyes. Then I paused.

I told myself there and then, that I would remember this moment for the rest of my life.

I'm thinking of it right now. A little old me, creating a safe place in my head without knowing it.

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