This sorrowful life // The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15

Afternoon to you guys!

It was too late last night when I finished the latest episode of the Walking Dead, nevertheless I still have some sort of deep emotional hangover.. If you don't follow this series it's probably best to stop at this point as this post might contain spoilers.
Last night, Ricky, Daryl and Hershel were planning how to give up Michonne to the Governor in hopes of stopping the pending war between Woodberry and The Prison. Rick needed help and this is where Merle comes in.

Merle reacts and takes Michonne to Woodberry. Their small journey gets a little intense and I'm so impressed how that scene kept me literally biting on the duvet sheets trying not to scream. They hitch a car and after Michonne's many attempts to get under Merle's skin, he lets her go, whilst Daryl is a little bit behind trying to catch up on them to stop the betrayal..

After he lets go of Michonne he goes on one last try to prove himself to Rick's group, and I think even to himself most especially to his brother, and goes to Woodberry in attempts to assasinate the Governor. I cannot possibly tell you how it happens, you must watch it, and this is where I go to pieces again. I'M AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. 

He lured the walkers with the music in the car all the way to the opening of Woodberry, where the place's "military" started defense shooting the herd that Merle's brought. Shortly after they notice that someone else is shooting the Woodberry men and this is when the Governor gets a hold of tonight's star, Merle.

Merle redeemed himself .

I'm one of the watchers of this show who has been hating on Merle so much for all that his done. Now, Daryl his brother is probably my favourite character and if you see the problem here, it's hard to go on full hate!

Merle passes and turns and Daryl catches up. Most painful scene of the whole show, I tell you..

MAIN THOUGHT : This show has properly built up to this point. It has developed and embedded emotions in the followers from the past episodes that some have been happily complaining about that it was not going anywhere. And now, last night's episode has been made unforgettable. It will be hard very VERY hard to forget. It is probably the best episode of the series so far. This show is first class, and surely satisfied TV fanatics like mysef. Now for the season finale, I am hoping it's going to be better. 

I love characters like Merle, when I remember some of the similar ones I will update this post but..for now I'm still recovering from the..sadness. No other word. Next week is the season finale, which I will hopefully write about, but for now, I am mourning..

Who else is sad out there? What did you think? I would love to hear from Walking Dead followers..

 Adie x

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(I am by no means a professional critic and I just wrote how I felt.)


  1. I actually loved Merle's character and was really emotional when he was killed off, it hurt all the more when Daryl had to witness it.
    I'm really interested to see who's going to survive this massacre; I have read the comics, but they're really nothing to go by, the director has switched so many things, which is great and makes it more exciting.
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    1. omg yeah. I really couldn't sleep for a while. I mean it sounds insane that I get into a series this deep but you know. You read the comics, I haven't even. Anyway, we will see and can talk about the season finale!

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