The First Time

Ah! So I just watched this film called, The First Time. I am in bed and very ill. It's having to do with a very hands on job. It's sort of an in your face things with lots of high fives etc. I won't gross you out with the germs just spreading rapidly around in the air, in the centre. Sorry.

Anyway so it's this,
It was a really really chill film that I would happily watch again. It is your high school drama but with less cheese than usual. Flipped is a similar film. Click on it and discover a gem. I swear to you guys, Flipped is 9/10 in my books.

 Ah I'm rambling! No sense and structure. Hang on a second..

What drove me to write about this is the main actor's line where she says "I didn't even notice where I was". She was talking about getting lost in Mexico and being focused on finding a way to get back to her uncle's place and she just completely ignores everything because of being so tunnel minded. Now I know this line or concept must've been on the screen for many many times but it's such a good reminder. I'm young and I worry about what to study, being independent, what to wear, how I don't have something etc. I simply don't live enough to see what the world has to offer. I believe in God and I honestly believe we have to stop and take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I really want to travel! To be realistic, not for a long time, it'd be awesome, but travel to see, to recoup and let your feet take you to places, without having to think of where you're going. Cliche much. I cannot help it!

Do you watch YouTube a lot? Have you ever heard of Louis Cole from Food for Louis? If I can just have an adventure like one of his, man it would make my life! I can just hear myself typing this and what a young heart. Clearly haven't been out. I'll be okay with that for now.. Makes me excited to live life! Thank you, God, what a present!

I guess I just have to finish my studies first. I'm sure there are lots to see in London. Might as well start with the city I'm in. By the way, it is my own doing that I've not been out too much. Wanting is the first step, isn't it?
Bora Bora
lol well that's done. Did you read the whole thing? :P


Adie x

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  1. I have not seen that film- it sounds like something I'd be interested in :)

    And I totally know what you mean....life is weird. I worry about those same things too. I really want to travel (although then I sometimes catch myself being afraid of constant flying but then I yell at myself for letting fear stand in the way). On Pinterest, I read a quote thing saying "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" and I couldn't agree with it more. :)