Anna Karenina's Disappointment

Evening Ladies and Gents,

It has taken me a long time to watch this. Anna Karenina is one of those films that gave that "You have to see it" vibe. Long overdue, on my sixth attempt, I finally pushed myself to watch the whole feature. I am afraid that there is very little good to say.
Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson lacked chemistry

Not entirely sure about how Director Joe Wright delivered the story. It felt dragged on and there was very little room for character development. I am debating whether it is that or the actors just wasn't impressive. The beginning of the film failed to grab me, hence having to play it five times for two minutes and finally going the whole way for the sixth. I was expecting a drama in the likes of Girl with a Pearl Earring, but it was more of a very poor musical. What in the world?! I have pulled a lot of confused faces throughout watching it.

The casting is very unconvincing, in my opinion. I say this because certain actors can in fact act, but did no or very little justice and presence to their roles. Aaron Johnson who played Count Vronsky, who is supposedly Anna Karenina's object of affection who opened her eyes to "love", made little impression in the first scene he was in. I thought, surely he isn't the guy. He did not have that striking presence like Mr Darcy played by Matthew MacFayden in Pride and Prejudice (2005). He is by far the most handsome Mr Darcy. Having said that, I have not read the novel by Tolstoy so I am not aware of how the count was described or put out to be.

On with the good news!

The costumes were brilliant. It had the elegant feel and were beautiful enough to have made me wish I was born in the era. I have always wanted to dress in large flared gowns and drapey ruffled dresses. They must have been a hassle to put on but it would have payed off in the end. I love the hair styles.

Keira Knightley tried her best. This is definitely not her best feature. I believe she is better off playing stronger female roles as opposed to weak vulnerable ones. I reckon it's because of her looks. She has a strong face. It is really hard to feel sympathy towards a vulnerable character if she was portraying it.

I doubt I will remember much of it after a full 24 hours. Mundane. Almost boring.

Will I recommend to watch it?

Probably not. But if you are looking for an affair themed story, why not. They all end the same, no?

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