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Afternoon Bloggers,

Wednesdays for me meant a new episode of  New Girl, Cougar Town and Criminal Minds. As it dawned on me that I am somewhat of a TV fanatic, I jumped to the conclusion that I must create a blog!

The title says it, I am the New Girl. I am going to find out if I have valid opinions about everything that I watch.

Should we start with the new episode of New Girl?

This got me in knots, laughing. If you follow the story line, without having to spill a lot, Jess and Nick go to the hardware for some obscene tools. We encounter fish protected under the state of California, too.

The dialogue of this show is obviously unrealistic for everyday people but there is something about it that makes me wish I had friends who spoke the same way, so life wouldn't be so boring!

Nick's Russel Crowe shot
 Despite the generic feel of the show, New York apartment, a communal spot (Nick's bar), tightly knit room mates who have closet feelings towards each other, it still is as fresh and a lot more entertaining, if I might say, compared to other sit-coms.

Zooey Deschannel's portrayal of Jess gives hope. Colourful dresses, goofy glasses, and singing against everyday's battles? She makes it look easy!

I don't know. It's either I am an avid fan of quirky, or this show is just a complete contrast to communal living.

What do you think? It would make me smile if you left a comment.

Adie xo

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