Grey's Anatomy, my love

So I'm watching the latest episode right now, season 9 ep 18 and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's stretching it to a full 24 episodes I think. 

Now, I'm getting a bit impatient about the whole story line. It's clearly reaching the end. It makes me sad to think that in a few weeks, it'll be finished. The many times it has made me cry and think about life and loved ones is unbelievable. There was a season I'm not sure whether it was season 4 breaching to season 5 where every episode was just mad! George O' Malley that 007 scene with Mer and Izzy's story and then on top  of that episode when the hospital was on lock down! Unforgettable.

Sloan and Lexie.. I think I'm going to cry 

At the moment I'm itching for drama, but when that time comes, I'll be devastated for sure. This series will be one of those first loves, something that you have followed for a very long time. Love Grey's.

I have cried over this song so much. GA classic.

The Chain - Ingrid Michaelson
Mcsteamy, Addi, 007, Medusa, Nazi, Yang, Izzy, Mcsteamy, Burke, Karev, Chief and Cali.. It's them. the Originals. best times.. Sigh
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Adie x

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  1. Hi Adryon! I've never seen this show but I've known a lot of people who really like it- I might have to catch it sometime.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! The location in my pictures is California :) Keep in touch!! xx

    1. Ah you are welcome!

      knew it was going to be in America. I'm hoping to move out there one day.
      Keep in touuuuchh, yes :) xx