A rare London day out! // Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Friday's, Haagen Dasz

London is such a beautiful place especially now that you get to wear less layers. There's more colour and warmth and a lot more visible positivity. My "supadupa" significant other and I decided to adopt a just say yes attitude and went out for the day. It has been fulfilling to appreciate life. We don't do this often so we were probably like baboons being let out of the cage!! oo oo aa aa 

This was a lovely cafe owned by Italians. Grandpas cooked our breakfast! Talk about epic.
Quick visit to see Greek history, however it was very short-lived..
Got this book from Oxfam and I bought it mainly because of the date on it and that's pretty old and I just felt sentimentally attached even though there are no immediate plans to read this.
Neals yard

I will forever buy sweet potato fries. My mouth is now officially watering!
I hope to have another one soon. More in the summer. Exciting times to think about, it makes me all giggly inside.

Hope you are having a nice spring time! What are your plans?

Adie x

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