Spring Haul // Primark, New Look, Tiger

You know when you get paid and you go out and just spend almost half of it all in one go? Well, that's what happened here! lol aya yai!

Tins from Tiger £1 each
Place mats from Tiger £1 each
Hmm, I seem to have a colour scheme. So colourful!

Flats from Primark on sale for £6 , I also have a black pair of these. Hurray for sales!

Pastel coloured socks from Primark £2.50

the softest jumper known to humankind. yep.


Blue top from New Look on sale for £9
Oversized jumper from New Look on sale for £11
And if any one of you is wondering, the Mirror is from Wilkinson for £4
These anti slip mats are a gem because I drop everything(clumsy) and I bought black and white ones that you see here on the table for £1 each
I went through a mini refurbishment and made my room a little bit nicer to stay in. I wonder what other things I'll be doing. I've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve, which I cannot wait to do but I have to because money doesn't come out of the shower...

ANYWAY! Happy colours Happy day to you!

Adie :) x

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