Blessed Sunday // Home made treat

Let's start with this, I was looking for my phone just now, stood up rummaged through my bag, looked under my duvet, on top of drawers and found nothing. Surprise surprise, it was just right in front of me! aya yai and by the way this is a very faith-y post with pictures of home made afternoon treats
Must add description: soft, chewy, cinnamony, sugary niceness

I was back in church today after being absent last week because of my persistent cough. Naughty naughty virus. Our former pastor preached today and talked about Paul and his conversion, lovely miraculous story, and how his story is all about that pivotal point that believers often have. It got me thinking and remembering some things.

My other half pointed out something last two weeks whilst we were walking down Sheperds Bush road drinking and savouring my first ever chai latte from Costa. He said, "I'm just wondering why I don't feel anything just as we passed that homeless person", if I recall correctly. And then I thought to myself, I am guilty of that, too. I mean I walk past them without really seeing them, but when you remind me that they're there I become aware, and honestly I feel sad at first, then think they must've done something to deserve it and then I end up not wanting to think about it any more because I don't know what to feel!

I would like to think that I'm a very compassionate person and I care. I care a lot. I care more than I can manage when I immerse myself into something. I'm just emotional like that. Show me an old man with a walking stick with his weekly shopping in tow and I would cry. So to think of a homeless person, well, really think, ponder on what they're life is like, just hand me the tissues. And I don't even mean to be offensive with the pitying, how I feel is more like why? Why do they have to be in this state when we could help a brother out? My church helped host a programme for the homeless where they get to stay in the premises every Wednesday night for 6 weeks to have a meal and breakfast, sleep where it's not so cold compared to the wintery roads. I didn't get to help out on this because it was an all nighter and circumstances just got in the way.

That programme was mentioned in this morning's sermon and the speaker stated, "The best thing you can do for a homeless person is point him to Jesus. What have you achieved if you got him a home on earth but not one in heaven? Everyone needs to know Christ and his love and there is absolutely no better thing than to know Jesus." (typed from memory-ish) Then I thought, well that's the answer I've been looking for. The answer to an unknowingly question in my head. The same speaker also said before that we are the closest thing to Jesus that our friends, our co workers, our relatives and other people will ever experience. Connecting dots in my head there.

So I set myself a challenge, I'm getting a bit jittery just typing that phrase..well I feel really really uncomfortable now. Agh! Yes, challenge to ask myself what would Jesus do? in a situation like encountering the homeless. If the situation allows me, I will engage in conversation. I believe in the gift of speaking and how it can be as powerful as uhm.. give me something powerful. Powerful, because I think I've been blessed with how I interact with people. I am pretty okay with it. My job requires to talk to different people and asking them how they are and the small talk that can get to medium talk (what) and I love that! So yeah. Yikes. This is definitely going to be out of my comfort zone but, I'm taking this Sunday's sermon as a message from God. Because often christians don't listen to what God has to say so much as us always going like oh God i pray for this and so and I pray that this may go well and God please give me this and that I mean I think I deserve it etc. Yeah, guilty of that one way communication, definitely. Therefore, this time I am listening. God, really, please help me.

Okay so that's done. wew long post!!

This afternoon, my brother made some doughnuts. I'll show you right now

Our trustee rice cooker making an appearance. A Filipino house won't be complete without it.

And me trying to share some
Have a blessed Sunday! It sure was nice here in England to have sun after such a gloomy two weeks.


Adie x

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  1. oh my god, those look delicious! xxx

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  2. What a lovely post. I know what you mean about sometimes seeing what is right in front of you, like the homeless man. Yummy donuts too! x