I would love these, please..

Itching to buy make up...NOTHING NEW HERE FOLKS. But I have been watching Make up artist Lisa Eldrige, reading Estee's blog (essiebutton) and I'm starting to believe that I have dry skin. No, I didn't just figure that out by just watching those videos. I have that problem where I put foundation on and it doesn't stay and worse, it sort of..gathers in just that dry spot, and looks flakey and NONE OF THAT! So, things I am wanting..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Sleek trio blush palette in Lace!

Real Techniques Core Collection

and hmm.. I should probably take pictures of my haul. I've not taken them out of their bags yet. I have found good bargains again. Yay!

I'm so thirsty.

Does anyone know of very good moisturisers for Dry Skin?

I'm sort of beginning to formulate a structured skin care routine. My, never thought I would say that! lol

EEEEEEyyydi x

ps to future Adie, you must write a post about Films everyone need to see or my favourite films or Shameless USA or everything else that's in your brain. k bai

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