Friends, Cookies, Chinese food // Lovely week

I think it has been such a lovely past week. Last friday I have met up with a few old friends and it was so lovely to just have them around. In a way, not being able to see each other a lot makes you value the little gatherings that you have. Friends are blessings I tell you. They're beautiful. Baked them cookies, cooked instant Korean ramen, went out to get bubble tea and I had my first Taro flavoured one! Yummy. Of course we had to take pictures.
The cookies:
 The silly bear who came late when everyone left:

For today's lunch we had this: Siomai
And a selfie:
First time ever having this drink and it tastes like cereal. It's not my drink. I wouldn't want to drink Weetabix.

And also visited my other half's family which I do not have pictures of. This should be resolved because for the future, I will have my first ever  DSLR! Lovely pictures of loved ones, lovely make up, lovely moments, lovely scenery and lovely anything to come. *squeal* Oh yes, I have been spending money at an alarming rate. However I do think I still have control and still have savings.
Thank you, God for the gift of life.

Adie x


  1. I loved this post. Your friends and you are super cute!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a giveaway

  2. N'awh Adieee soo likeee. Love the blog yo!